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Adam Murphy in Titanium Arena

Adam Murphy in Titanium Arena

Who is Adam Murphy

Adam Murphy is an Elite Coach, Professional Speaker and business Entrepreneur.

As a business Entrepreneur. Adam Murphy left his job as a baker in the family business to pursue his dream of making a change in the world through health. He started his journey in a small gym decorated with Elvis Presley memorabilia with his three best mates, James, Simon and Ben. Like a majority of fitness professionals Adam took a while to find his feet, struggling for cash and competing with the more experienced trainers. But against all odds Adam was able to become the head trainer with 12 months, training over 60 clients per week, making enough money to purchase his first investment property and take a breath financially. Not being satisfied with this, Adam moved on to start his own businesses and his very first company. This has enabled him to do what he loves most in life: speaking and coaching about the psychology how to become a winner and gaining the power of the relentless mindset.

As a child Adam was picked on a lot about his weight problems and intelligence. Often called names life “Fatso” and “Dumb and slow” by his peers. This was a regular occurrence in the school yard and classrooms and weighed heavily on Adams mind. During a career assessment day in year 11 Adam answered a questionnaire to determine what industry he would work in based on his interests; the health industry was the answer. Kids and even teachers made jokes about this, saying that Adam was never going to be healthy enough or smart enough to get into the health industry and was even placed into special needs classes. This bought Adam to the precipice and at that moment he made the change in himself that he wanted to see in the world… Since that day Adam has won in State Basketball Championships, MVP’s and Scoring Titles, competed and placed in two Bodybuilding championships, worked and owned businesses in the health industry, spoken in front of hundreds in events and has changed the life of hundreds around him; including some of those peers from his school days.

You see what Adam realised is that he was always focusing on what everyone else told him he couldn’t do, not on what he knew he could do. We are always taught about our limitations, but not about our possibilities. Adam discovered his and ran with it. After being involved with health and fitness for 10 years Adam discovered that there was so much more to health than having a six pack and being able to go for a run. He became captivated by the idea that your psychology could change the world you live in. Adam went on a journey through the brain, studying with some of the world’s top thought leaders, Paul Chek, Anthony Robbins, Jeffery Slayter and many more. He discovered that to get what you really want out of your life, finances, business and relationships you need to change the way you think; more specifically what you are focusing on. When he discovered this he was determined to use health and psychology as a conduit to show people how we sometimes fall victim to our own negative thinking and how we can change that to WIN!.



  • Elite 1:1 Coach/Consultant
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Presenter
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner in Life coaching
  • Master Practitioner in Time Line Dynamics
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Master Success Strategist
  • C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Exercise Coach
  • C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  • C.H.E.K Scientific Back Care
  • C.H.E.K Scientific Core Conditioning
  • C.H.E.K Strength and Conditioning Specialist


What my clients say


I met Adam approximately 12 months ago and it became evident from the outset that he was focused and committed to the well-being of his clients. Perhaps contrasting others in his field, Adam takes a holistic view of his client's needs that spans physical and physiological to ensure the mind and body are in Sync. His resolve is unwavering and his results are uncompromising. I would not hesitate in recommending Adam Murphy to all who a serious about changing the direction their lifestyle is taking them.

Marshall Flanagan
Steph Small

Adam has taught me so much about myself, my body and how to look after myself. I thought the way I use to feel: flat, tired, with headaches, was normal but since training with Adam I have become a stronger, healthier, happier self. His knowledge about nutrition is fantastic and proven to work (look at him). But what I love most is that he is a holistic coach. He incorporates all aspects of life and is always looking for better ways to help reach my goals. Dream, Believe, Achieve with Rejuvenate Health and Fitness.

Stephanie Small Risk Analyst at Westpac
Mike Wilczynski

Adam know his stuff! He blows other coaches away with his knowledge about nutrition and getting the most out of your body. I’m moving around more freely and can honestly say that he’s been able to motivate me like no-one else before. Thanks again Adam!

Mike Wilczynski Partner at Accodex
Travis Hobbs

An incredible motivator and one of the greatest minds of our time – the world just doesn’t know it yet.

Travis Hobbs Change Labs – Start Smart
Luke Parker

Adam is a very passionate and focused guy when it comes to health, he takes a very different approach to most by treating the body as a whole. He has given me many tips regarding holistic health and his knowledge of fitness is extensive. I would recommend anyone to Adam who is looking for the complete health package. This guy is a one stop health shop!

Luke Parker

I’ve been training with Adam for well over a year, an amazing person, so knowledgeable and is happy to research extensively on anything he isn’t 100% sure about. Our training programs change regularly and I’ve been breaking through numerous personal bests on the weights!

Joshua Smith Process Control Technician for OZ Minerals

Adam created me a training program which was fantastic! I am feeling like I have much more energy during the day and I am getting much more toned! Thank you so much for tailoring a program just for me Adam, you really do go above and beyond.

Vinh Giang International Speaker and Magician
"For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."
Arnold Schwarzenegger